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HGV Jobs Southampton

Working in Southampton and Hampshire supplying the haulage industry with professional drivers on a temporary and full time basis.

Unlike in the past where most people looked down upon commercial lorry drivers, the severe shortage of these experts in the UK has greatly changed their thinking.

Today large vehicle drivers (LGV) and the heavy goods vehicles (HGV) are among the well-paid individuals not only in the UK but also in the entire world.

Apart from the attractive salaries earned by these individuals, the freedom that accompanies their job makes them one the most satisfying careers for anyone with the passion. Whether you are new in the industry or you have several years of experience, Southampton has a job for you. In addition, most of the drivers retire after working for a few years thus creating more HGV jobs Southampton. Before you come over to our recruitment agency, you need to undergo the right training in any of the recognized institutions so that you get a HGV license. Once you acquire a license, we will help get a job within a few days.

With the over 30,000 job openings across the UK, you have no reason to seat home without a job when you can enroll for HGV/ LGV training and then land a job immediately you leave the wall of the classroom.

Types of Positions available

Long distance- the long distance driving jobs are ideal for someone who wishes to drive across the entire European continent. The job involves hauling cargo from rail yards as well as shipping yards and then distributing to different warehouse across the continent. There is much open road driving and opportunity to tour different places as well as interacting with new people. You will make friends with people that you would not have known had you decided to work in an office in Southampton or any other place in the UK.

UK driving- this form of driving confines you within the country. Although it still part of the long distance travelling but you will never leave the boarders of the UK any time you are when driving. Such drivers tend to cover shorter distances in the course of the week and month. If you want to have time with your family then you can consider UK driving as opposed to long distance.

Local and regional- local and regional drivers often drive shorter miles to deliver goods to regional construction companies, warehouses as well as logistic outfits among others.

City hauler- there is a high demand for HGV drivers who can help in hauling Lorries around the congested traffic in Southampton. This can be a good job for someone with the ability to haul heavy Lorries while at the same time maneuvering through areas with higher traffic without causing accidents.
Salary and job security

Working as a HGV driver in the UK is among the highly paying jobs currently. A dedicated individual can take home over 30, 000 annually. Older as well as married couples can earn highly as long as they show their hard work and commitment to the job throughout the year.

Why should you work with our recruitment agency?

You should not walk up and down looking for someone to employ you because we are there to help. If have the right credentials to secure any of the HGV jobs in Southampton simply, you can fill your application online. For the past ten years, we have been one of the leading recruitment agencies in Southampton. We have a wide network of clients across the country something that has enabled us to offer adequate jobs to all job seekers. Most of our jobs fall under HGV and LGV roles among others. Some of the HGV classes you are likely to secure include HGV Class 1, HGV Class 2 and HGV Class 3

In addition, we offer some of the most attractive rates that you are not likely to find anywhere else in the country as well as other benefits to motivate you as a driver.

Training for HGV/ LGV drivers jobs Southampton

Before you come to our agency for recruitment, training is very essential. Some of the credentials we expect from any of our applicants include the following

Category C

The minimum age you require to get a HGV/ LGV license in the UK is 18 years and above. In addition, you need to hold a full cat B (car) as well as a provisional cat C license that shows the HGV/LGV training with long driver training. For you to undertake LGV/HGV training and long driver training in the UK, it is mandatory that you pass each of the following stages.

Acquire the required application packs. In this case, we have the D2 and D4 with both of them available from CTTS at no cost.

Have CTTS from the doctor to undertake the required medical completion

You will have to complete D4 provisional application form for Cat C

Send both the D2 and D4 with some of the parts of license you to DLVA located in Swansea. Once you have completed this process, you will have to wait up to 10- 15 days working so that you can receive your license.
In conclusion, with increased number of HGV Southampton jobs, you have no reason to look for a job anywhere else. HGV/LGV drivers are among those people who are taking home the highest salaries in the UK. This has changed the perspective of people who used to think that driving was for individuals who never attended school. Despite the high demand of drivers in the UK, landing an amazing deal can be very tricky especially when you are fresh from school. Instead of struggling with clients that you do not know much about, simply seek for help from us. As one of the best HGV/LGV recruitment agencies in Southampton, we have great deals for you. Whether you want to work within the UK or drive across Europe and interact with people from different places, just make an online application. In addition, you can call our supports team that is there to help your 24/7 including holidays and weekends. If you have not trained yet, it is not too late for you since experts have projected that the demand of HGV/LGV drivers will continue to rise in the coming years.

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HGV Jobs Southampton
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