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 POWERFUL INTERNET MARKETING Be seen where it matters, in Britain's most recognisable motoring resource.  Averaging 8.5K impressions daily, this is advertising at it's most effective.






POSITION : Top of page (All pages except index)

Banner size: 468 X 60 pixels.

  • 85.00 per month. 3 rotational display.
  • 125.00 per month. 2 rotational display.
  • 250.00 per month. Exclusive position on all pages.

POSITION : Side of page - (All topic pages)
Banner size: 120 X 60 pixels.


Position 1 (under Google search box)

  • 150.00 per month. Exclusive position on all pages.
  • 125.00 per month. 2 rotational display.
  • 85.00 per month. 3 rotational display.

Position 2

  • 140.00 per month. Exclusive position on all pages.
  • 115.00 per month. 2 rotational display.
  • 75.00 per month. 3 rotational display.

Position 3

  • 130.00 per month. Exclusive position on all pages.
  • 105.00 per month. 3 rotational display.
  • 65.00 per month. 3 rotational display.

INDEX PAGE - Banner 468 X 60 px (index)

  • Please contact us with your requrements for quotation.

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Rotational display: total number of advertisers.   


Banner size specifications


There are no click-through or display limitations. 

  • Top (468x60) maximum 10K file size.

  • Side (120x60) maximum 8K file size.

  • Graphic format : .gif .jpg.

How to order


Please contact our Sales Team by email with placement instructions and attach banner graphics. We will confirm by email reply, costs and relevant information before requesting payment information.




We accept payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard), PayPal, and Electronic Payment Funds Transfer (Royal Bank of Scotland).




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