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Free online DSA theory test car & bike questions with hazard perception clips. Access most recent DSA driving theory test questions online and free practice mock tests.

Free Theory Test - Car Driving Theory Test Practice

According to reviews there were 32,001477 cars on the road in 2002 in the United Kingdom and day by day more and more cars are approaching the road. According to wiki theory test July 1996 was the first time the theory test was introduced in the united Kingdom and in the year 2000 the theory test was updated from paper based onto a computer version. There are 50 multiple choice questions asked in the theory test and within 57 minutes the test should be completed. To gain a pass you must give at least 43 correct answers out of a possible 50. Around 1.6 million people sit the examination on an annual basis with a pass rate of around of 43% according to wiki. We would also like you to pass the mock test first time round which is why we have developed the free theory test. You will be able to read questions from the mock test and also be able to access the Highway Code. We have also created some question papers for you so you can do some advanced preparation.

Mock or DSA Driving Theory Tests

Mock theory tests are essential if you want to be fully prepared before applying for the theory test. There are approx 1.6 million people attending theory tests each year and just 43% of people are successful. According to if you want a license for a new category of vehicle for example, if you have a car license and you want to apply for a motorcycle licence you will need to take a theory test.

Highway Code

The Highway Code is the authorized road wellbeing guidebook for great Britain. According to wiki it contains 307 numbered rules and 9 annexes covering pedestrians, animals, cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers. The Highway Code handbook contains information on road signs, road markings and vehicle markings as well as information on vehicle maintenance, licence requirements, documentation, penalties and vehicle security.

Hazard Perception Tips

The hazard perception test was a requirement from November 2002. There are fourteen movie clips and all videos are one minute long for the car driving theory test. All clips have at least one hazard, as soon as you recognise the hazard you need to click the mouse button or you can touch the screen. What score you get depends on the level of yourof your alertness, if you recognize hazard and take action you will get higher score. If you do multiple clicks without any hazard then you can drop that clips. You can get maximum score 75 for car driver and pass marks is score 44.

Show Me Tell Me Questions

Before your practical driving test starts, the test inspector will ask you, show me tell me a test question. The DSA want to ensure your capability on basic car maintenance and safety. The driving test examiner will ask you any two questions out of nineteen, single on show me matter and one on tell me subject. If your answer any of these two questions incorrectly and you will get one driving test minor mistake.

Click here to read show me tell me questions and answers.

Free Theory Test
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