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Linking Instructions

This page explains how to place a hyperlink from your web site to the UK Motoring Directory.


There are two types of link to choose from: text or banner link. This means the link from your web site will either display a text or a banner linked to either our home page or an internal page.


1. Choose the type of link you prefer (Text or Banner).

2. Click on 'Select All and Copy' to highlight and copy the html code to your computers clipboard.

3. Then paste the html code from your clipboard into your web page editing software (HTML view) by pressing keys Ctrl and v.  Save the change and upload to your web site.



Text Link | Type 1 - Links to our home page.


UK Motoring Directory - The home of British motoring.

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Text Link | Type 2 - Links to your category page.


Example of LINK icon..To link to your category page in the directory, go to that category page and look for the icon link (LINK) under the light blue description box.  Click on the link and a pop-up window will display the required html for the link.



 UK Motoring Directory

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UK Motoring Directory - The world home of motoring and automotive links.

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Display our newest listings live on your web site http://www.ukmotoringdirectory.co.uk/rss/rss.xml


Link Help


To link directly to a directory category page.
Replace the URL address between the href brackets with the category page URL address.


Unwanted blue or purple line around the banner.
Remove the line by adding the following code to the hyperlink: border="0" after IMG


Further assistance, Ask Here


Helpful Reading

For the listing categories that require a return link, if we are unable to find one the submission will be rejected. We accept some site owners may not wish to comply but strongly emphasise how we achieve our page one rankings in Google and Yahoo = Reciprocal Linking.



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