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Business Classification

We classify listings into 2 types of automotive business/organisation which are subsequently used to determine what further information and conditions are required:

  1. Street Trader.
  2. Internet Business.

1. Street Trader

This type of business trades from premises with an address like a shop, garage or mobile service.  This includes garages, factors, dealers, car yards, breakdown, rescue, driving schools and breakers.  We require the main trading address and telephone number and where applicable display it below the listing.


* A return link is not required from a street trader but is very much appreciated.

2. Internet Business

This type of business trades solely 'online' through a web site and generally only has a web based form of contact.  Typical web based business' include classified sales, auctions, shopping carts, insurance, finance, brokers, directories and number plates sales. Also included are clubs, forums, enthusiasts.


* A back link is required from this type of business as part of the Link Partner conditions.  This specially applies to web sites with keyword domain names [www.carsforsale.co.uk].   Sites unable to provide a return link must consider a Gold or Premium Listing and read our guide to linking

Why a Return Link ?

We strongly believe if a web site owner does NOT understand the benefits of linking, they will not survive on the internet for very long.  Once they do understand linking, not only will they benefit from the traffic we send, but they will benefit from all the other traffic and ensure their long-term viability.


You see, webmasters who don't understand linking will rely on traffic from web sites that accept them without a link back.  We pose the question.. where does 'that' web site get its traffic from?  Exactly, it doesn't and so it won't send any traffic because it does not generate any traffic in the first place.


We watch year after year, web sites disappear on the anniversary of two dates: 1. domain name registration date and 2. hosting renewal date.  The owners shut the sites down because they cannot justify the expense which means, they never generated any traffic.


Hmm, do you get the link?

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