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Complete the application form below to apply for a Link Partner listing in UK Motoring Directory.

Before you apply...

Applications MUST be Automotive + United Kingdom. (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland).

Before you waste your time, we only accept applications for automotive related industry in the U.K. Our review team take great delight hitting the 'f**k off' button for applications that do not meet this very simple criteria.
Not an Automotive Business or in U.K? Submit Here

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Listing Title:

  Title should accurately reflect the business name | web site title.
Do not include additional key-words or marketing phrases.
Web site address (URL):
  Web site address (include http://www) of the web site home page.
Example: http://www.ukmotoringdirectory.co.uk/
Listing Description:

Use 25-30 words to describe the business, organisation, products and services.
Make: Select only if applicable.  (Example: Main dealer, Club or Specialist Parts or Repairs)

Classification: Classify the business: More info [opens new window]
Online Trader:
 Solely online (Classified Sales, Insurance, Finance, ) *Link Back Required
Street Trader:
 Location (Garage, Dealer, Breaker, Mobile, Driving School)

Online Trader Street traders may skip this section.
If you clasified the business as an ONLINE TRADER, then a Back Link is required. A link from your web site to ours is required to complete the Link Partner Agreement.
Don't waste your time (or ours), read Understand Linking if you do not understand.

Add the web address of the page on your web site that contains the link back to us.
Return link address:

Street Business: Online traders may skip this section.
City / Town:

Post code:

Email Address:
  An email address is required to confirm the listing. It is never shown or displayed.
Undeliverable confirmations automatically delete the application.




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