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This topic covers SEARCH ENGINES and other automotive search portals, offering resources such as business directory services, vehicle information, professional listings and specialist directories.

You’ll find online search fields to help you find information about a wide range of auto topics including insurance claims advice, buying and selling directory guides, spare parts purchasing and also links to manufacturers of a wide range of vehicles including cars, vans, motorcycles and trucks.

Uses data off Live data. POD.

View 1001 Searches

Unique UK directory and portal maintained by volunteer webmasters with a passion for a variety of subjects.

View 2GOGO - GlobalTO

A web directory using live data from Dmoz with POD.

View A-Z Index

Uses Live data. ODP++.

View Abacus Search

Dmoz. Live data. POD.


Metasearch with a choice of English UK or worldwide search engines. Directory using ODP live data. POD.

View All Search Engines

Uses the Open Directory, adding worldwide news, employment and lodging links.

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The developers of the Anaconda script demonstrate its possible usage.Live data. Anaconda.

View Anaconda! Open Directory

A UK based Christian Internet portal presenting the current ODP directory with live data and offering Google search.

View Angelserve Internet

Offers search engine and directory look-ups using ODP++ and permits users to submit their site for instant inclusion in the their spider engine.

View Any Search Info

Integrated residential, business, and, government listings. [Live Data. Digital Windmill]

View AnyWho

Provides webhosting and website promotion services. Live data. ODP displayer.

View Arachno Search

Full listing under areas of interest. Uses RDF dump;

View Ask Jeeves

Resource for searching the internet. Live data.

View AskComet

Banner-free directory using the ODP.

View Aways

German portal uses ODP Data to add more content. RDF dump.

View Be@WebGuide

A directory using the ODP.

View Best of the Net

British internet portal with services such as web-based email, directory, search, news, games and more. Live data.


Portal which utilizes ODP data with a selection of searching tools. Also offers web based mail.


Link database based on the ODP.

View Cbel

Uses parts of Recreation/Collecting and others. Live data. Anaconda.

View Collect-Online

Free English dictionary. Uses ODP data to add more content. RDF dump.


Working example of how the Digital Windmill directory looks, from the main DW site. Live data.

View Digital Windmill

DMOZ breathes a spirited dragon. If what you seek "breathes", DMOZ will have it. please select Profile... The Open Directory Project is the larges...

View DMOZ - Open Directory Project

Swiss entry page to the Open Directory, in English and the 4 national languages of Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansh.


Polish entry page.


Part of the DogPile search engine. A rebranded version of the ODP data. RDF dump.

View Dogpile

A directory using live data from the Open Directory Project. ODP++.

View Dynamic Directory

Portal with search powered by Google and directory from ODP, whilst building its own directory.

View Euroseek

Company researching search engine technology and providing a demonstration using listings from the French and Engish language sections of the ODP and ...

View Exalead

Portal offering a search service including search of a directory from the ODP, news, and links.

View Excite

Portal with directory using the ODP.

View Excite UK

Cars, motorcycles, power boats, vans and trucks, caravans and rv. Find1001 motoring websites.
View Find1001 - MOTORING

Provides a site where you can search anything. Uses Anaconda scripts to fetch the content of ODP.

View GeoBoz Search

A popular search engine with many features. It uses the ODP RDF dumps in the directory section.

View Google Directory

A full service Internet Directory with thousands of categories and millions of links. PhpOpen.

View Handilinks Internet Directory

Adds United Kingdom news to live ODP data. ODP++.

View Hitbot

Provides searches off of servers, using a pay per click business model.

View HootingOwl

Makes use of almost all Open Directory project content in its directory section. RDF dump.

View HotBot

Metasearch engine which clusters results, with directory using ODP.

View iBoogie

Site using ODP data via the Anaconda script.

View Ignifuge

Uses ODP Data to showcase invisible web search engine. RDF dump.

View IncyWincy

Integrates Open Directory data with 1800 news sources, search engine metasearches, and an index system. Live data. Anaconda.

View InfoGrid

Uses a script to provide replication of live data off ODP++.

View InOneSearch

The Open Directory, powered by ODP++.

View Invisible Hand

Directory from ODP via

View Jabble

Free website hosting, free email and ODP directory information. Powered by

View JiffySeek

Web site design and development outfit. Live data. ODP++.

View JRM Web Search

A site dedicated to the enjoyment of online text based games. Coders, player, and wizards can find what they are looking. Listings, forums, codes, and...


A start-off point to various sites and ODP categories, which come from live data using POD.

View Linklocate

Searchable directory based on the ODP, with attribution. Links can be added on payment.

View Linkspider UK

ODP site on Linux with Postgres SQL. Uses interesting display format. RDF dump.

View List of Lists Internet Directory

Directory based on the Open Directory.

View LocalPin

Portal site with metasearch, links to other search engines and news headlines. Live data. Anaconda.

View Locate

Meta search engine with directory from the ODP.


Search engine using ODP++ combined with other content for college students.

View Search Engine

Perform directory searches on business and leisure. Hosting services with forever free domains also available.Live data. ODP++.

View Lumpini

Adds featured listings and books to ODP categories.

View Lycos Websites Directory

Parallel meta search engine. RDF dump.


A geographical map of the Internet (based on the Antartica region) using ODP data. RDF dump.


The "Mars" section of the Open Directory Project, maintained by the Gateway.

View Mars Open Directory

Live data from the ODP. ODP++.

View MegaBot

Ultra fast Meta-Searching of 12 search engines and 2 newsgroups. Also uses the ODP data.Live data. Anaconda.


Directory using ODP data.

View Milliseconde Portal

Web portal with search, directory using the ODP, real estate, shopping, news, finance, stock quotes, recipes, indoor air quality information, travel.

View MrEverything

  My Way
Web portal and search engine without any banners, pop-ups or spam. Uses the Google Web Directory.

View My Way

The "More..." links under each category go to their version of the Open Directory.Live data. POD.

View Mygo

US search engine with directory from the ODP.

View National Directory

A previous copy of the Regional/North_America/United_States/ Government/Military/Navy/ tree.


News headlines, chat, comparison shop, and online games. RDF dump.

View Net Network

Professional website designers and developers since 1996. Founder member of the Association of Approved Internet Services and member of the Profession...

View Netrickery

Combines ODP data with its own search technology. RDF dump.

View Netscape Search

Metasearch and zip code lookup.Live data. POD.

View NetSearch

Internet service provider in Virginia.Live data. Anaconda.

View Nexet

Pay per click site using ODP data.

View Pocket Flier

Parrot and tropical bird resources, image gallery, and online shop. Customized dump of ODP data.

View Poozleanimus

Lists user-rated sites in popular topics and provides a separate ODP catalog.Live data. Anaconda.

View Popular Sites

Directory using the ODP.

View Search Beat

Metasearch by Live data. POD.

View Search Viking

Focuses on the Swiss parts of ODP. German and English language categories are crosslinked at the bottom of the category pages. RDF dump.


Metasearch engine with ability to search with one engine of choice. Cool sites get "New" mark. RDF dump.

View Searchalot

A collection of the best searches on the Web. Live data. SearchBug offers people search, fraud prevention and data verification services to profess...


A selection of the most effective search engines for dozens of categories. Plus reviews, ratings and a tutorial. ODP++.


More than 3000 links to study information, activities, careers and jobs, accommodations, entertainment, media and technology, and other student-relate...

View Searchgate

Offers direct links to all top level ODP categories. Gateway.

View SearchSite.Org

Metacrawler of various search engines. Search results contain ODP descriptions.

View SearchWho

Email and auction services. Live data. POD.

View Seek It Now

Local city and town directories for USA and Canada. Uses an old RDF dump.

View SeekOn

Live data. POD.

View Silly Dog 701

Uses POD script, from


Features ODP data and an encyclopedia.


Featuring a web directory from the ODP, US news and weather, and an advanced search engine.

View South Seek

Comprehensive professional photography and digital photography industry search engine and directory. Powered by ODP++. Live data.

View Stepwedge

News headlines, weather forecasts and stock lookup. Live data. POD.

View Stomp

Republishes the whole ODP directory.

View Surf Potato

Offers a directory based on the Open Directory Project and search via a selection of popular search engines.

View Surf Site

A web portal with ODP search and news. Live data. Anaconda.

View The Idea Web

Uses the Kids and Teens section of the Open Directory.

View The Snowman

ESL, English, travel and culture links directory for those learning English. Live data. ODP++.


Categorized newsfeeds, online greeting cards and shopping. Live data. POD.


UK Directory and search engine of all major topics including automotive.

View - Directory

Web directory and a search engine powered by Anaconda and ODP++.

View TotalSeek

Commentary on reflections on popular culture and cultural theory, explanations of pro wrestling and a theory of hacking, and interactive design. Live...

View Tranquileye

Provides affiliate searches of shopping sites, a search of and directory from ODP, using Anaconda.

View Twirly

Offering UK specific web search. Also provides a web directory.
View UK Wizz Search Engine

UK-only search engine that claims 90% coverage of UK domains. Formerly known as Directory uses ODP data.


Uses live ODP data in its own layout.

View Ultravista Open Directory

Featuring links and services useful to the small- to mid-sized business. Live data. POD.

View Verita

The UK's NO 1 VW T4 and T5 Transporter community website forum and home FREE MEMBERSHIP lively growing community of likeminded T4 and T5 owners and en...

View Volkswagen T4 + T5 Transporter Search makes it easy to find used cars and new cars for sale online. By focusing entirely on cars, vrooomm applies it's unique and powerful searc...


A directory using live data. Sponsored by a Southport and Oak Island North Carolina site. Live data. ODP++.

View Web Trawler

Metasearch includes ODP data and includes the ODP directory via Anaconda on a sub-page.

View Web-Search.Com Metasearch

Visual interface for browsing the ODP directory. (November 15, 2000

View WebBrain

Web directory from ODP and meta search, displaying matching categories.

View WebCrawler

Internet search engine donating 100% of profits to charities, uses ODP data for the directory portion. Live data.

View Webpath

A meta-search engine with directory from the ODP.

View WhatUSeek

UK and world-wide search engine. Live data.

View WiziSearch

With chat, weather, greeting cards and news. Live data. POD.

View Wizzler

Search engine working around the ODP. ODP RDF dumps. Most popular categories are updated daily using live data.

View WorldSearch

Offering email accounts from 38 different domain names. Live data. Anaconda.


Collection of shopping sites, articles, forums, music history, news headlines.

View ZenSearch

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