Abbot Motors

We have over 25 years of experience, along with a wealth of knowledge. We can restore any classic vehicle to its former glory.

We service and repair all makes and models of car.

We fit Brakes, Tyres and Clutches.

Whether its a scratch or a big smash, we have Full Bodyshop and paint Facilities at our Garage in Newton Abbot

--> Welding
--> Brakes
--> Clutch
--> Engine
--> Bodywork
--> Welding

We are passionate and dedicated to keeping all classic cars where they should be, back on the road. We have been restoring, converting and updating classic cars for over 25 years.

Every restoration is unique and different each time and we take pride in getting it right and making it look right.

Whenever the budget allows we use as many genuine parts as possible. However, in some cases this is not possible mainly due to the lack of them.

We feel here at Abbot Motors that the older vehicles retain a certain charm, they are seen less and less, we are all for modern technology but there is nothing better than a professionally restored classic car be it a Karmann Beetle, Porsche, Ford, Austin, Mercedes or Rolls, they are a pleasure to own and drive.

A classic car is without question an appreciating asset.

Abbot Motors
26 Salisbury Road Newton Abbot Devon TQ122DF  | View Map Map opens in new browser window
07460 940506
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