UK Driving Theory Test

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UK Driving Theory Test is aimed to offer online driving theory test practice sessions to its users and help them obtain their driving licence in UK. With you will be able to practice and learn theory questions from DSA revision question bank using the customized test modes which will help our users to prepare and build confidence to pass their DSA Driving Theory Test in first attempt.

What is a Theory Test?
Theory Test is a part of the driving tests used for obtaining the driving licence in UK. Once you obtain your provisional driving licence the next step is to apply for a Theory Test which plays a major part on deciding your chances of getting the licence. For taking a practical driving test you need to first pass your Driving Theory Test.

Driving Theory test is usually divided into two segments:
1. Multiple Choice part and
2. Hazard Perception Test.

Multiple Choices in Theory Test
The first part of your DSA Driving Theory Test is the multiple choices section. DSA chooses the multiple choice questions from 14 sections of DSA revision Question Bank for Driving Theory Tests. Recently, DSA has added one more section in the multiple choices part called Case Studies to examine the test takers perception towards a real life incident. Although, you cannot expect the questions to resemble in the test as given in the revision question bank but the pattern or the subject doesn’t vary. The more you practice the more you have chances to pass your test.

Hazard Perception Test
Hazard Perception Test is a second part in the DSA Driving Theory Test. This is a simulated video test where the test takers are shown a real scenario to identify the possible hazards while 14 video clips of such kind are played randomly. This test is conducted to know the test takers perception and alertness while driving their vehicles. This part of the test is helpful for the users to know the practical driving situations.

"Highway Codes" and "Road & Traffic Signs"
"Highway codes" and "Road & Traffic signs" are necessary for everyone to know it before they take their final DSA theory test. We advise you to learn and understand this part so much that may even helps you drive your vehicle carefully.

UK Driving Theory Test
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