AAA Gearboxes

Auto gearbox specialists, repair, re-conditioned, used gearboxes,the most modern and dealer equipment for testing, any make any model.

We at aaagearboxes aim to provide our customers with a route cause analysis and a cost effective solution to their gearbox problems, quickly and efficiently using the latest technology for a professional repair on all types of automatic transmission.

Our trained engineers are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to assist in quality control. We have installed data acquisition computer controlled test rigs to simulate driving conditions to ensure each completed gearbox performs correctly before fitment.Our automatic transmissions are remanufactured to our exacting high-quality standards. Remanufactured to the latest factory specifications, each units goes through a rigorous inspection before reaching our customer.

We have invested in the most modern and technologically advanced diagnostic equipment, which most importantly helps us to ensure that our diagnosis is accurate which saves you valuable time and money. Computerized diagnostics and valve body testing are further examples of the innovations we have incorporated to insure that our customers are given the best in both product and service.

We will be willing to pick up any call from anyone as long it is a gearbox problem and if you want to get in contact with us do not hesitate to pick up your phone we will be eager to answer.

We have invested in equipment and training to ensure we are ready to deal with any transmission problem, because modern cars are controlled by computers therefore it takes an automatic gearbox specialists like us to properly diagnose your problem. These problems should not be ignored, the longer they continue, the more damage may be caused. Before your vehicle becomes inoperative, bring your car to us for an external diagnostic service.

At aaagearboxes, we treat each and every customer as if they were our first. We pride ourselves on exemplary service, friendliness, and strict attention to detail.Cars are getting ever more complicated and sophisticated, which is great until the transmission goes wrong!

AAA Gearboxes
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