Easy Bookkeeping Spreadsheets

Used car dealer bookkeeping & VAT spreadsheet designed for traders using the VAT margin scheme.

Easy to use & under 40!

Also available driving instructor ADi tax aid bookkeeping spreadsheet to help with completing tax returns.

Buy Online and have the software emailed to you in minutes

For many small businesses, one of the most unpopular aspects of being your own boss is the dreaded accounts. Dealing with your accountant, the tax man and submitting VAT returns, can take up valuable time, which can be better spent actually running your business and generating new sales.

However, financial records must be kept and many commercial accountancy packages can be complicated and quite daunting for anyone without financial training - the software can also be expensive!!
In my experience of over 10 years in the accountancy industry, many small business owners only want to record monies in & monies out without the complexities of double-entry bookkeeping, control accounts and trial balances.

Therefore I have designed a number of spreadsheets specifically for my own clients, to ease the burden of bookkeeping. The enthusiastic response from my clients gave me the idea to design additional spreadsheets and supply them to other small businesses.

Most of the spreadsheets are designed for the various VAT schemes available to small businesses, such as the cash VAT scheme, flat rate scheme and the second-hand margin scheme.
There are also spreadsheets for Non-VAT registered businesses and some for sole-traders which include a built-in tax and national insurance calculator so that throughout the financial year you can keep track of the liability which will be due on your trading profit.

Features of the bookkeeping spreadsheets:
No annual licence fees
Use year after year (excluding the tax calculator spreadsheets)
Can be easily adjusted for any future VAT rate changes
No bookkeeping experience required
Drop-down menus make categorising expenses very quick & straightforward "redictive text" feature of Excel speeds up data entry
Quarterly VAT calculated automatically

Ideal format to e-mail to your accountant

The spreadsheets typically contain:
Clear instructions
Income data input page
Expenses data input page
Bank reconciliation facility
Profit & Loss Account (automatically generated)
Quarterly VAT summary for VAT- registered business (automatically generated)

Easy Bookkeeping Spreadsheets

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