A.B.C. Driver Training

ABC Driver Training is an established Blackpool based provider of residential intensive driving courses. We provide a complete package for the learner driver, enabling you to pass your driving test within a week. For some people, spending an hour or two per week over 3 months or more isn't the way they want to learn to drive. Some people prefer to spend an entire week undertaking a crash course and ABC Driver Training is here to meet the needs of those individuals. We take pride in our ability to turn a learner driver with little or no experience into a skilled safe and confident driver with as little fuss as possible and in the shortest time possible.

Unlike some of our competitors, we only operate our intensive driving courses with one pupil in the car. so if you are shopping around, make sure you ask if you are getting 1-2-1 training or shared tuition.

We believe that 1-2-1 courses are the most effective method of accelerated learning. You will get the undivided attention of one of our highly qualified DSA registered instructors, to encourage and motivate you throughout your driving tuition. Your Instructor will take you through the official DSA syllabus step by step, thus ensuring that you are trained to the standard required to pass your driving test on the last day of your course. All that we ask of you is that you are willing to give your instructor 100% commitment. We will also take some of the stress out of the process by ensuring that you have comfortable accommodation with en-suite facilities during the period of your course. For those people who do not wish to use the hotel facilities of a residential intensive driving course, either because you are a local resident or are able to arrange your own accommodation, we are able to offer a substantial discount to our fees.

We would especially recommend our 1-2-1 intensive driving courses to nervous pupils or those who would be embarrassed about making mistakes in front of others. We take a positive approach to the learning process. All our instructors are very patient and will coach you encourage you until you get things right. We do not accept the philosophy of the word CANíT; we believe that you CAN !! and if you are unable to do something then that is our problem, and not yours, as we have not transferred the necessary skills to enable you to perform to the required standard.

There are several driving schools in Blackpool offering one week intensive driving courses, some call them crash driving courses (we teach you not to crash) quick pass courses or whatever you prefer to call them but we offer the only courses in Blackpool that gives 1-2-1 driving training as standard practice.

Please do not hesitate to contact ABC Driver Training anytime up to 10pm in an evening if you wish to enquire about or make a booking for our intensive driving courses in Blackpool. With our 1-2-1 driving courses, you will be a full competent driver in no time at all.

A.B.C. Driver Training

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